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Gunnar playing the fiddle.

Gunnar Stubseid, born in 1948 in Setesdal, a valley in the southern part of Norway. This area is famous for the rich folk music traditions. He has played the Hardanger fiddle since the age of 15. He has learned from old traditional fiddlers i Setesdal, and has participated in concerts in Norway and other countries.  Previously he played in the folk music groups Slinkombas and Setesdalarna, and together with the Swedish multi-musician Ale Møller. He has made recordings both as a soloist and as a studio musician.

Educated as a music teacher, he has also taken a M.A. degree in Ethnology at the University of Bergen. He was the headmaster at the Ole Bull Academy in Voss 2003-2012.

Gunnar Stubseid has written papers, articles and books about folk music, and as a teacher at various courses and lectures he has introduced many people to the distinctive folk music from Setesdal and Norway.

He has received The Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellmannsprisen), The Ole Bull Medal, The County of Bygland Cultural Price and Hilmar Alexandersen Memory Price.

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Gunnar Stubseid can be contacted through his email at gunnar [at] or by telephone +47 928 61 287. For other ways to get in touch with Gunnar Stubseid, please visit this page.